As a huge fan of both Popeye and manga, I’m looking forward to combining both passions and bringing fans an all new format and style to experience the iconic character’s adventures. I’m thrilled that my Popeye Goku art led me here and am excited to infuse the traditional shonen style with a modern twist and explore the mystery behind Popeye’s missing eye.

— Marcus Williams

Meet Marcus.

Your friendly neighborhood artist, I’m an American Illustrator and currently the creator and artist behind comic projects Tuskegee Heirs and Super Natural.


A long-time lover of video games, comic art, and all things animated, I’ve dedicated my young artistic years to fine-tuning my illustration muscles by freelancing. Over fifteen years later, I’m catching my stride and still ever-growing in hopes of being a well-rounded illustrator.

Stationed in Atlanta, Ga, I spend most of my time toiling away late nights on everything from illustrating children’s books and comic art to random character commissions and more. A proud father of two, I somehow managed to steal enough time to create artwork and check homework. I’m excited about the direction my comic properties are heading in, and I look forward to creating more forms of visual entertainment and stories to enjoy.”


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